Monday, November 1, 2010

Amy Butler - Blossom Bag #2

As soon as Amy Butler's new book "In Stitches" came out I bought it and sewed myself a Blossom bag and matching pleated coin purse (see here). I loved how it turned out so much that I made this one for my mom for Christmas. It may seem strange that I am posting it 2 months in advance BUT since I can't keep secrets and my mom wanted to see it early, here it is! For some reason this material was a bit cantankerous and I snapped 3 needles in the process but it turned out alright in the end :)
P.S. Have you ever had a project where no matter how many times you ripped out a row of stitches you just couldn't get it straight? Attaching the outside flap was a nightmare on this particular project for some reason and despite trying and trying again (and almost breaking my sewing machine a couple of times) I just could not get it under control. I guess the idiosyncracies are what make it unique :)

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