Monday, June 10, 2013

VBS Decorations: Kingdom Chronicles

 I am in charge of VBS decorations again this year. The theme is Kingdom Chronicles which is sort of a Medieval/castle/knights type of! Here are a few things I have worked on so far:

I made this stained glass window by cutting the design out of heavy black paper (from good ol' Amazon). It was pretty cumbersome to do, but I put clear contact paper across the whole thing with the sticky side up. Then I layered squares of tissue paper all over and then covered it with another layer of contact paper. We have at least 5 more of these to make...time to delegate! :)

These are torches to hang on the walls of the 'castle'. They are made of rolled up gold corrugated paper and the flames are made of orange and yellow tissue paper and metallic red deco mesh. Deco mesh is the trendy thing right now and I happen to think it is uglier than all get out, but it works for this project!

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