Monday, April 5, 2010

Tea Wallets

Oh, the wonders of the internet. You can find more inspiration and tutorials then you will ever have time for. Here is a project that can be completed very quickly and with very few supplies. Now I have a nice handy way to bring tea to church. The one with the yellow button was made from a vintage handkerchief. The elastic cording, which I used in place of the self-fabric loop, was hijacked from some sort of packaging we had in the house. Now the only question is...what to do with all of them since I only have a home for two of them. Anyone want one????

For the directions, click here.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Yes...I want one!

Merry Jo said...

Oh, blast, Rach! You beat me to it! :) I'd take one (or a few) if you want to make more... :)