Monday, December 20, 2010

**Extreme Cuteness Alert** Baby/Toddler Bow Tie

Here is a bowtie I made for my youngest. I discovered that bow ties are so simple to make, and not to mention stinkin' cute!! I feel like going into the bow tie business. I began with the tutorial here, and scaled it down to fit my little midget. Because of the size difference between the original tutorial and the smaller size, some adjustments in construction need to be made. For example, it is nearly impossible to sew the pleat in there by machine. I simply scrunched it together with my fingers while I sewed the 'knot' on. I also used a slightly longer piece of velcro to make it a wee bit more 'adjustable.

(That's a toy mountain lion, if you must know. He wouldn't cooperate without it.)

Here is a bowtie I made for my youngest.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

He looks like Dad did when he was little. He looks so darn handsome and I like the mountain lion for dramatic effect :)