Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colette Patterns - 1022 Iris Shorts

This pattern is a good reminder as to why I started making muslins for all new clothing patterns that I try. I really like the details and vintage/modern style of Colette patterns and I went crazy on Black Friday and bought 5 of their patterns. Iris is the first one that I've started working on and while it sewed up beautifully (I didn't bother with the waistband) as soon as I did a tentative fitting I knew that short of redrafting the entire pattern, it wasn't going to flatter my body Since I spent about $2 on muslin and learned more about garment construction in the process, I'd say that overall it turned out to be a great project. As tedious as it may sound and sometimes is, I highly recommend working the quirks out on cheap muslin. It'll save you from a lot of frustration and pattern disappointment in the long run. 

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