Monday, July 29, 2013

The Laura Ingalls Dress

When we were little, our church would have an 'old fashioned Sunday.' There would be a pig roast, potato sack races, and other fun activities. People would dress up in old-fashioned clothes. And did I mention the pig roast part? Because that was the best part. That and the fact that you could go through the potluck line by yourself, without parental supervision, and take just about anything you wanted. Including all manor of food stuffs suspended in Jello and giant self-serve coolers of KoolAid. But I digress. One year, my mom made me a Laura Ingalls dress. I loved it. I think I am even wearing it in my school picture, sans bonnet. Fast forward a few years or 25, and now my little girl is wearing it. She loves this dress! The other day the kids were playing pioneers in the backyard and she got dressed up to collect the eggs. I would say that Mom's time and effort in making this dress was worth it! 

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Trish D said...

What an awesome connection between the generations - can't wait to see pics of your granddaughter wearing it (whoops, am I getting ahead of myself?)