Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Girls Bible Cover

My two oldest have birthdays coming up in September. Their birthdays are one day apart so it makes for a convenient double-whammy of birthday festivities. It also means I have to get myself in gear and buy/make their gifts. This year, they both wanted their own Bibles. My son, who is 7, wants one that is easier to understand than the 'Holly' Bibles they have at church...ha! I decided that since kids aren't exactly easy on their stuff that Bible covers were a must! I was perilously close to channeling my Mother and adding lace ruffles around the edge for old times sake. Then, I veered off the lace path and thought adding red rick rack would be the ticket. In the end, I chose simple white piping and I love the result! I kind of want to make one for myself but at this point my Bible is so worn out it really needs to be replaced so there is something for the cover to actually cover. But I digress. On to the pictures!

Pretend that the tab is perfectly centered, OK? 

Piping details. It closes with a magnetic snap which is lurking below the button.

Voila! A cheery cherry Bible cover.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Piping was an excellent choice! You could make covers like that for journals or planners too.