Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Peacock Embroidered Journal

Despite the fact that I have been pretty radio silent lately, I have managed to churn out some projects. This journal will be making its appearance in our up-and-coming Etsy shop! This design started out in my sketchbook and I decided it would transfer well to felt. 

There are little bugle beads sewn on the feathers. It is made with wool blend felt. 

The edges are finished with a blanket stitch, adding a bead to every stitch. I really like the look of this edging even though it takes a bit longer.

P.S. Keep your eyes on Friday as we will be making the move to our new blog! We will continue to keep this blog active for the time being, but will not be adding new posts. It should redirect to the new site, where we have transferred all our existing posts. If that sounds confusing, imagine me trying to figure out how to do it all! I haven't had a computer class since high school, where we learned DOS commands and how to save onto a floppy disc and played with our pet dinosaurs. 

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