Friday, December 3, 2010

Clothespin Bag

I used this tutorial to make a clothespin bag. This is a really quick project, and doesn't take much fabric either. I used scraps from another project. The trim is this funky vintage stuff I picked up somewhere. It is one of those trims that won't go with many things, but I think it works here. Instead of finishing the neckline with bias tape or fold-over braid, as the tutorial shows, I pressed the edge toward the right side of the fabric and then stitched the trim on. That gave me a neat finish with no raw edges. These bags could be used for so many things. I have one hanging in my kitchen to hold my canning jar rings. Another idea I have for this pattern is to scale it down and make several in varying shades of lavender to hang in my daughter's room. That way she could keep all her little trinkets in them.

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