Saturday, December 4, 2010

Necktie Onsies

I recently had someone request to buy some necktie onesies. I used scraps from several mens dress shirts for the appliques. I am increasingly enamored with the many uses of mens dress shirts. There is enough fabric in one large shirt to make a dress, a couple of newsboy caps, a boys shirt, or even a pair of child's pants. (Click here to see several examples) I am also working on making a few boy's bow ties made from a mens shirt. Oh, the possibilities! If only I could convince my husband to relinquish his two fabulous purple dress shirts. I could really have fun with those! :)

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Awesome! They look so handsome on the little man. Have you seen the cool onesies screen printed with the tuxedo front? I've got the PDF if you're interested.