Friday, July 12, 2013

Constellation Miette Skirt

I have a closet full of dresses. There's nothing wrong with that but I felt like I needed to branch out and expand my wardrobe in a new direction. I have no idea how I happened upon the Miette Skirt pattern from Tilly and the Buttons ( but I'm so glad that I can buy it here by the way ;)
I had great intentions of wearing this on the 4th of July and taking wonderful pictures in it with the cows out at the ranch...the skirt is red, white and blue and covered in stars BUT when I walked out of the house that morning cotton felt too hot so I chickened out and wore performance gear instead.

Now that July is almost half over, I thought it was time to finally take some pictures. Nothing quite worked out as intended for these shots but you get the idea.
One of my favorite features of the skirt and a very necessary one, is the overlapping fabric in the back. It keeps things from getting scandalous when the wind blows which it does all the time here in Texas. Also, the pockets on the front have a hint of ease to make it easier to put your hands and keys or whatever else into.   

At the last minute I sewed a funny label into the waistband thus the double line of red stitches on the bottom. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

I think what really pulls the skirt together is the red piping along the pockets and the red top stitching. As it was all coming together I kept catching myself giggling because I was smitten with the color/pattern/piping combo and knew it was going to turn out perfectly!
The skirt is very easy to sew, doesn't require any buttons or zippers and sizing is forgiving. I've been looking for a wrap skirt like this for years and I LOVE how my first one turned out. My serger made finishing the seams quick and easy and the only modifications I did was to make a narrower hem on the edges and bottom of the skirt. This pattern is worth every penny! I think my next version will be in a dark denim or light chambray with redrafted or inseam pockets. 

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Jeff and Meg said...

I love it! Where in the world did you get that fabric? And the shoes are perfect with the skirt.